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A professional audio upgrade of your VSL can increase your conversion rate up to 20%

The surprising impact of poor audio quality on sales conversion

Is your landing page not converting as well as you hoped?

Poor audio quality of your VSL could be the culprit.

When your audio is of low quality, it can make your business appear unprofessional and untrustworthy, leading to lower engagement and sales.

Don’t let poor audio quality hold your business back – upgrade your audio now.

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Enhance your audio quality to match that of $9000 studio equipment without breaking the bank

Our audio editing services can help you improve the sound quality of your video sales letter and boost your conversion rate up to 20%.

We’re removing background noises, reverb, and improving the overall audio quality. This creates clear, crisp, and engaging audio that captures your audience’s attention and keeps them engaged throughout your entire video.

Our service is affordable, and we offer a satisfaction guarantee. So you can be confident that you’ll love the results we achieve for you.

Audio Enhancement for your Video Sales Letter

Noise reduction

Clear and distraction-free audio

Reverb removal

Professional and polished audio quality

Volume normalization

Consistent and optimal volume levels


Even and balanced sound across different frequencies

Quick turnaround time

Fast implementation and delivery within 4 days

Audio restoration

Removal of any background noises like wind, humming or rustling

Affordable pricing

High-quality audio without breaking the bank

Satisfaction guarantee

We’ll achieve a result for you which you’ll love

What our clients say

We can recommend Martin Rieger as a professional and competent partner for film and audio productions.

The cooperation in the context of our “Sounds of Germany” campaign was extremely pleasant from the creative phase, through filming to post-production, and the final result was first-class.

German National Tourist Board
London Office, Buckingham Palace Road

Our cooperation with Martin from VR-tonung was very professional, but also at eye level!

Martin took a lot of time to familiarize us with the topic of 3D audio and the visitors of our experience were enthusiastic. Many thanks, Martin!

German Blood Cancer Foundation

Martin Rieger is a true expert in the field of three-dimensional audio.

He goes out of his way to deliver each client’s project in a compelling and immersive way, no matter how complex.

Martin has a comprehensive understanding of both the acoustical and psychoacoustic aspects of sound, which is essential to a successful implementation for audio.

Dr Iain McGregor
Edinburgh Napier University

Under the motto ‘Technology meets Creativity’, Martin Rieger inspired the workshop participants with a lecture about brand-new developments in the field of spatial audio.

He used practical examples to show us the immense potential of immersive sound technologies. Professional, practical and entertaining.

International Academy of Media and Arts Halle
Game Sound Post Workshop

Clear, crisp and engaging audio from a renowed expert

Martin Rieger, Owner of audio-sells and expert for immersive media

I understand the importance of captivating your audience’s attention.

My team of audio experts, with over 10 years of experience in audio editing, can help you elevate your video sales letter to the next level.

We specialize in removing background noise, reverb, and improving the overall audio quality. We make sure your message is clear, crisp, and engaging.

Just contact me and boost the audio quality of your video sales letter now:



What file formats are supported for audio improvement?

We support every file format.

But the easiest solution is, if you send us your video in high resolution.

We will send you the video back with improved audio.

How long does the audio improvement process take, and when will I receive my improved audio?

The audio improvement process typically takes around 4 days.
After that we’ll send you your video with improved audio.

If you need your video sooner, we offer expedited services for an additional fee.

How will I send you my video sales letter for audio improvement?

Just upload it on https://wetransfer.com/ and send us the link to your file.

How will I receive the improved video?

We will send you a WeTransfer link and you can download it directly.

Can you also help transcription and captioning services?

No, our focus is on audio improvement services only. However, we can refer you to trusted partners for transcription and captioning needs.

How do I pay for the services?

We accept payment online through Stripe and all major credit cards. Payments are processed securely through Stripe.

How does the satisfaction guarantee work?

We offer a satisfaction guarantee.
If you are not satisfied with the results, we will work with you until you are satisfied or offer you a full refund.